No Image to lose

The last four years I have spent mostly in two places: in Berlin and in Georgia. I photographed a lot there, mainly in the streets, without an intention to document anything, without intention to follow or to create any concept.
When I recently looked at the photos from Georgia and Berlin side by side, I found that certain motifs, patterns and moods are always repeated and that the photos have something in common and that in some way they communicate with each other. This led me to the questions of how images that were created in such different places can have a dialogue with one another and what arises in this dialogue. As an author, I am interested in how the photos can carry and develop their messages and meanings themselves without the author’s conscious intention.
The focus of this project is that photography is not viewed as a medium through which the photograph can represent some concept, but as the source, as a raw material that can lead us to some ideas and concepts.