I was born in 1984 in  a small town in the Czech Republic. Since 2013 I live in Berlin. I started taking photos in 2012. Originally, I worked with it on a conceptual level and used it as a medium for various art installations. At present, is for me photography much more an instrument that forces me to perceive my everyday life more intuitively, more mysteriously and surreally .

For me, photography is always a way of communicating with the environment and the elements that I see around me. In contrast to poetry, photography is much more physical. The way the photographer moves, the perspective he chooses, the point of view, to me, is the way he communicates. Each photo is at the same time a repeated attempt to capture an image of yourself.


Selected Features:





2019  Grund und Boden, Berlin-Zlin, Germany-Czech Rep.

2019  Street Sans Frontières 2019 – Group Exhibition, Paris, France

2018 PhoS Athens Festival, Group Exhibition, Athens, Greece

2017 Soumrak model (Gotterdämmerung), Sklep 33, Zlin, Czech Rep.

2017 Portraits and Frames, Galerie Feste, Berlin, Germany

2016 ZaZenitem, CultD Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2016 Waiting for the sun, Galerie Garáž, Zlin, Czech rep.

2016 Aquaquark, CultD Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2016 Art will never born, Groninger 48, Berlin, Germany

2014 Der Prozess,  CultD Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2013 Ve středu si honím, Galerie Garáž, Zlín, Czech rep.

2011 Land(e)scape, Photogether Gallery, Zlin, Czech Rep.

2010 Já, Ty, Galerie 14, Kroměříž, Czech Rep. 



2020 Shortlist- Kolga Tbilisi Photo Awards 2020

2019 Finalist-  Miami Street Photography Festival

2019 Finalist- London Street Photography Festival 

2019 Finalist-  German street Photography Festival 

2018  Finalist-  PhoS Athens Festival