I was born in 1984 in a small town in the Czech Republic. After finishing my studies in philosophy and aesthetics, I moved to Germany and ended up in Berlin. There I started taking photos. In the beginning, I worked with photography on a conceptual level, using it as a medium for various art installations. Now, I try to work without any concepts.

Photography is for me much more than a tool, it is a kind of intuitive communication with the things that surround me, where the process of “making” a photo is an kind of understanding how all things are connected.


Selected Features and Mentions:
Street Photographers Foundation
Tales of the Unwritten



2022 Eyeshot open call Exhibition, Group Exh. Rome, Italy
2022 Street Sans Frontières 2022, Group Exh. Paris, Frankreich
2021  Public Museum, Galerie Garaz, Zlin, Czech Rep.
2021 The Wall 2021- Group Ex., Paphos, Cyprus
2021  Click Show, Galerie Garaz, Zlin, Czech Rep. 
2020  StreetProjections 2020, EMOP Berlin, Germany
2019  Grund und Boden, Berlin-Zlin, Germany-Czech Rep.
2019  Street Sans Frontières 2019 - Group Exhibition, Paris, France
2018 PhoS Athens Festival, Group Exhibition, Athens, Greece
2017 Soumrak model (Gotterdämmerung), Sklep 33, Zlin, Czech Rep.
2017 Portraits and Frames, Galerie Feste, Berlin, Germany
2016 ZaZenitem, CultD Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2016 Waiting for the sun, Galerie Garáž, Zlin, Czech rep.
2016 Aquaquark, CultD Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2016 Art will never born, Groninger 48, Berlin, Germany
2014 Der Prozess,  CultD Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2013 Ve středu si honím, Galerie Garáž, Zlín, Czech rep.
2011 Land(e)scape, Photogether Gallery, Zlin, Czech Rep.
2010 Já, Ty, Galerie 14, Kroměříž, Czech Rep. 



2022 Finalist-   Eyeshot open Call 2022
2021 Finalist -  Street Photographers Foundation 2021
2020 Finalist-   Istanbul Street Photography Festival
2020 Shortlist-  Kolga Tbilisi Photo Awards 2020
2019 Finalist-   Miami Street Photography Festival
2019 Finalist-   London Street Photography Festival 
2019 Finalist-   German street Photography Festival 
2018  Finalist-  PhoS Athens Festival